Hammerhead Guitar Picks

Hammerhead Guitar Picks

With the Hammerhead Guitar Picks you can play the guitar faster and you don’t have to be  a guitar hero to play like one!

The original Hammerhead was formed from precision cut from extremely hardened plastics to give you maximum comfort, performance and of course playability. It works,reacts, responds and handles just like your current picks but it adds in all the benefits of the Hammerhead design.

The light gauge set is for those who prefer a quick and nimble attack with just a slight give.

Hammerhead Guitar Picks Master the Guitar Faster!

Hammerhead Picks

The medium gauge set guitar pick is just right. It’s not too rigid with just the right amount of give you are looking for.

Lastly the Hammerhead heavy set gauge is when it’s time to really dig down deep. It should accommodate even the most aggressive rock musician with ease.

The Hammerhead Guitar Pick will feel comfortable in a matter of minutes. With it’s unique revolutionary design, now you can do in days what once took months to master. The difference is so dramatic that once you’ve played with a Hammerhead Pick, you’ll never want to use your old guitar pics again.

Guitar picks range from quite thin to quite thick, providing different audio and tone. The thinner you choose, the additional pliable it will certainly be, however the easier it will certainly break or split. Thicker picks are a lot more durable, and will certainly give a more vibrant tone.

General Information on Guitar Picks

Types of Guitar Picks: There are many different sort of picks that you could pick from. Jumbo picks are similar to normal picks other than much bigger. audio in contrast to their thin equivalents. Generally, thinner picks are better for fast strumming, while thicker picks are utilized a lot more usually for solos and runs.

As revolutionary as the Hammerhead pick is they actually took the Metalhead all the way to eleven. It features the same precision-cut plastics as the Original with and important addition, it has an extruded aluminum tip.


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