Hamper Hoops Wham-O Basketball Hoop Hamper

Hamper Hoops – The all star basketball hoop and hamper system kids are sure to love.

Hamper Hoops provides hours of fun with the long lasting as well as removable basketball hoop that doubles as a hamper. Just put up the hamper on any kind of door, after that slam dunk your laundry till the basket gets full. Hamper Hoops is fantastic for everybody, as well as restores the fun in doing washing.

Hamper Hoops are great for the whole family. Put one in his room, her room and also perfect for college dorms. Make cleaning your clothes fun.

The great benefits of the Hamper Hoops System is that it is so simple to use and you can have hours of fun using it. It fits on just about any size door and is extremely portable. Just toss dirty clothes in and then easily remove the laundry bag. It is made from high quality durable construction.

Hamper Hoops Laundry System

The All-Star Basketball Hoop And also Clothes Hamper

Make cleaning time fun as well as easy with these Hamper Hoops from Wham-O. This ingenious set consists of a basketball hoop that attaches over a bed room doorway, and a snug-fitting detachable washing bag. Your youngster can practice his awesome shooting skills while tidying up at the same time.

Laundry hampers are available in a fantastic range of sizes and shapes, but this hamper has to be the most enjoyable to make use of. Make a fun and exciting game from doing the laundry.

Hamper Hoops is the Allstar basketball hoop as well as hamper system that makes grabbing dirty laundry a lot more fun! Great for youngsters and people of all ages.Turn clean up time into enjoyable time.

Transform an uninteresting job right into tons of enjoyable fun time with Hamper Hoops! Your kids will enjoy putting away their dirty laundry a lot more and they’ll rarely know they’re doing their chores.

Do I reall need to explain how this hamper system works? I am sure I don’t, but I will anyways. Stand back, jump, dunk or hook as your toss your dirty clothes into the Hamper Basketball Hoop. Then wait until your hamper is full and remove it from the net. Then you know what is next, go straight to your laundry room and toss clothes into the washing machine.

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