Healthmaster Montel Blender Fruit and Vegetable Emulsifier

Healthmaster Blender

Fruit and Vegetable Emulsifier The HealthMaster truly is a kitchen appliance breakthrough. It’s more than just a blender. The healthmaster is designed to be a powerhouse of health. You can make anything from ice cream to soups in minutes. With the bonus recipe books and eating plan you will see how simple it is to eat healthier.

The Montel Living Well HealthMaster Fruit & Vegetable Emulsifier truly is a kitchen appliance breakthrough.

With the healthmaster you can make cold smoothies, sorbet, ice cream and much much more.

What is the difference between the healthmaster and other blenders on the market?
The Healthmaster is not a typical blender. This unit is designed to do 31 kitchen jobs in one. The Healthmaster Blender will make everything from hot soups to cold ice cream in one step. Juice your favorite fruits and veggies – whole. No paring, peeling or seeding!  Make creamy low fat ice creams, frozen yogurts and granitas.

Simmer fresh whole food soups in just minutes. Create tantalizing dips and salsas – chock full of vitamins and heart healthy nutrients like lycopene. Blend award winning whole fruit smoothies & milkshakes. Whisk up your own fat-free salad dressings. Whizz up fresh organic baby foods in seconds. Grinds coffee beans so you can create yummy calorie wise coffee drinks for pennies a serving. Fold together batches of easy batters for muffins, cakes, quick breads, crepes and pancakes.

You can do all this and more with the healthmaster blender.

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