Heat Surge Mini Glo Portable Electric Fireplace

Heat Surge Mini Glo


Heat Surge Mini Glo – World’s Smallest Heat Surge Fireplace

Heat Surge is the new miniature, portable fireplace the warms up any room of you’re choosing. It is an Amish-crafted fireplace that looks like a real fire, but is safe to touch. Lower you’re heating bills by using it.

Bring heat to any room instantly. Enjoy this miniature heat surge fireplace. Place it on nightside to help keep your bedroom warm as you sleep.

What are some of the Heat Surge Mini Glo features?

The Mini Glo is sure to be a unique showpiece in any room. It has a patent pending cool touch heat vent. It has been calculated at a standard setting to use only about 14¢ per hour. This is the revolutionary,  new Mini-Glo Efficiency Plus Heat Surge Heater.

If you are familiar with the full size Heat Surge you will find that this one is everything you love about the full-size fireplace, but it’s much smaller in size. But here’s the big surprise.

It’s not just a metal box that belongs in a basement or out of sight. It’s a slim, sleek, fireplace that has no real flames. Its Fireless Flame® technology makes it safe to the touch. There are also no fumes, smells, ashes or mess.

The Heat Surge Mini

The patent-pending technology of the Cool Touch Heat Vent keeps your Heat Surge from getting too warm to touch. The air is hot, the vent is not. It knocks out heat bills through its remarkably small, but mighty micro-furnace and heat exchanger is sure to heat any room floor to ceiling. Even when the home thermostat is turned way down.

Heat Surge Mini Glo


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