Heat Surge Amish Electric Fireplace

With Heat Surge you can lower your heating bills!

The electric fireplace with a mantle built by the Amish as seen on tv. The cold weather is upon us. Check out the heat surge to help you stay warm in the colder seasons.

This electric Amish fireplace comes in 4 wood finishes, cherry fireplace, oak fireplace, black and white. The Amish sure make beautiful pieces of art. This fireplace would look great in any room.

The HEAT SURGE can easily roll from room to room so you can take the warmth with you anywhere you go! For every degree you turn down your thermostat for 8 hours, you can save 1% on your monthly heating bill. Take it down 5 degrees for 24 hours and you can save 15% for that day.

The Roll-n-Glow electric fireplace, with Amish made wood mantle, is one of the best and easiest ways to save money on gas bills by turning down the thermostat and heating just the rooms you use the most. Have a beautiful real wood mantle handmade by the Amish, the ambiance of real fire, and the convenience to simply move your fireplace from room to room.

Heating Surge infrared technology safely heats a room faster and more effectively than typical space heaters. Infrared Heat is like bringing home the warmth of the sun. It heats quickly and evenly while staying cool to the touch.

Precision handcrafted Amish electric fireplace. No need to waste money heating the whole house when you are spending most of your time in one room. Warm up this room with the portable electric fireplace.

These miracle fireplaces have what’s being called the”Fireless Flame” technology that gives you the peaceful flicker of a real fire but without any flames, fumes, smells, ashes or mess.

Heat Surge electric fireplaces are flameless fireplaces built-into handcrafted Amish-made wood mantles.

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Heat Surge Electric Fireplace

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