Hot Booties Microwave Warming Slippers

Hot Booties Heated Comfy Warming Slippers

Microwave your HotBooties for 60 seconds to enjoy up to an hour of heat. Get Long Lasting, soothing heat to treat your feet!

hot booties foot warmers

The secret to the HotBooties Slippers is in the sole. Each Hot Bootie is filled with natural linseed which absorbs and holds in the heat! Keeping your feet toasty warm. Long lasting sooting heat to treat your feet.

Hot Booties as seen on tv warming slippers! Hot Booties pink slippers and Hot Booties blue slippers.

You just put your Hot Booties in The Bootie Bag then put in the microwave for 60 seconds. The Bootie Bag helps to keep your microwave sanitary and clean. Bootie Bags for heating your slippers. Never have cold feet again. These would go great with a snuggie.

Long lasting soothing heat to treat your feet. The Hot Booties slipper is filled with natural linseed which absorbs and holds the heat. Use the booty bag to keep your microwave clean and sanitary.

Hot Booties are much, much more than slippers
• They provide comfort and relaxation
• Hot Booties are perfect for cold, achy, or stressed feet
• Continuous soothing, radiating warmth, up to an hour
• The secret is in the sole, they are filled with natural linseed!

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