Hot Stamps Temporary Tattoos for Your Hair

Hot Stamps Chalk Designs for Your Hair

Hot Stamps are like temporary tattoos for your hair. Removable stamp designs for your hair that is the hot new trend.

Hot Stamps Hair Product

What are the great features of Hot Stamps?

The unique chalk design patterns should stay in place all day. and that is even if you touch them. There are 4  special patterns and 4 sparkling, glittery colors to choose from each day you wear them. The stamps go on easy and fast. They also come off fast. You just simply brush them out! Make a statement on your hair braids and hair buns. The stamps look great on all hair colors and lengths.

Think of the fun and attention you get at sleep-overs, proms, sports events, concerts and other parties.Parties. Any occasion can be made more fun with Hot Stamps Hair Glitter!

Hair chalk and stamps has become one of the most popular picks amongst woman when it comes to adding more color to their hair. They want a product that does not cause damage and can easily be removed.They chalks can be easily added on by rubbing onto the hair. The hair chalk can be removed easily by shampooing and the hair stamps can come out by brushing your hair.

Is your ordinary everyday hairstyle boring and just not cutting it anymore? Would you like an easy change to dazzle your co-workers, friends and family? Of course you do. Boost your looks and image with Hot Stamps Hair Glitter. Sure to get you noticed. This is the ultimate perfect jazzy new hair accessory. You just have to give it a try to see for yourself! Does not matter your hair style, length or color, straight, long, low bun, high bun, braids and even a pony tail. Get a unique classy new look with Hot Stamps.

Different Hair Stamp designs to choose for. Why not for the fourth of July try the star stamps. Have a sleepover party with friends all trying different stamps and glittering colors. Have a contest voting on who has the best new look! Take selfies of your new hair designs.

Hair Chalk and Hair Stamps are the perfect accessories for a Halloween party. Stand out and jazz up your costume. Be daring and experiment with different colors and shapes to that work well with your outfit.

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