Hover Ball the Soccer Ball That Floats Like Magic

Hover Ball – The Floating Indoor Air Power Soccer Ball

Hover Ball is the only soccer ball that floats in the air like magic. This amazing floating soccer ball will not scratch, bump or bang up your furniture when it is used indoors.

The Hover Ball is so super soft so don’t worry about it damaging your furniture. There should not be any bangs, bumps or scratches. The Hover ball an indoor soccer ball that you can play with inside because it is super soft and has a super slide technology. It floats on tile, carpet and wood.

Whamo Hover Ball

The whole family can have fun playing with the hover soccer ball.All in all kids of all ages are sure to love this half gliding ball. Get you kids away from the tv by giving them a gliding hovering ball to play with. They are sure to have hours of fun with this amazing floating soccer ball. The Hover Ball comes in 3 exciting colors which are green, pink and blue. The size is only about 6 inches in diameter. Making it a suitable size for indoor play.smaller than you might expect from the way it looks on TV. This seems to be a suitable size for indoor play.

Hover Ball makes for the perfect gift!

Hover Ball TV Offer
Wham O Hover Soccer Ball Special TV Offer

Kick that Hover Ball by Wham O and improve your soccer skills. The only soccer ball that floats like magic. The secret is the super slider technology. Soccer players can improve power their skills on the field by playing with this floating ball. Soccer is universal sport, played by many people, kids and adults alike from all over the world.

No need to worry about buying batteries. The as   on tv Hover Ball does not use batteries. It is able to glide over floors because it has a flat bottom unlike other tradition soccer balls. Whether it’s hovering or gliding the result are the same you get a toy soccer ball that you can actually play with inside that will not roll out of control. The flat surface helps the user to keep more control over it.

The Hover Ball is an indoor soccer ball by the popular toy company Wham O. You may have seen the television commercials that have been playing on TV showing that the ball seems magically hover over the floor. This hovering soccer ball is made of a very soft material so it can actually be played indoors without the fear of damage to walls. floors and furniture. It claims to work on just about any floor type like, tile, rugs, and hardwood.

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