Hug Light – Flexible Light – Bending Huglight

Hug Light – As Seen On TV Flexible Light

Hug Light Flexible Light

The Hug Light is the most flexible light you’ve seen.

Get light exactly where you need it, hands-free. Need both your hands to do a job? Wrap this flexible light around your neck and bend the ends to where you want the light to shine. You have a total of 2 super brite lights at each end.

Each Huglight tip has 2 super-bright LEDs, one focused beam and one wide beam, so the bendable light is  right for any job. The foam-covered steel alloy arms are strong enough to hold the beam steady and in place. Plus it’s still flexible enough to point the light precisely where you need it.

Wear it. Wrap it. Pose it. Point the light where you want however you want and keep your hands totally free! The Hug Light has two super-flexible arms with two high-intensity brite LEDs on each end.

Flexible arm, bend it a U shape and hang it around your neck. Rubber grip pad keeps it comfortably in place. Bend it into a hook and it becomes a hanging light.

It is so flexible, you can even coil the Hug Light like a snake and stand it up. Men love it for home repairs and other jobs around the house. Ladies love it for knitting or craft projects. Also great for night walks, reading books, working on your computer and other tasks. The Huglight as seen on tv book light.

The next time you need light and want your hands free put down the flashlight and grab the Hug Light.

Hug Light is the ideal light for so many jobs.

Hug Light and Hands Free Lights


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