Infinity Lights Puzzle Pieces Create Hanging Light Fixtures

Infinity Lights are an Original One of a Kind Light Art with Endless Possibilities!

Infinity Light are the customizable light that allows you to create a hanging fixture, table lamp or a ceiling shade.

You can choose from 15 unique shapes and colors. Take them apart and rebuild whenever you feel like a change. This is such a fun and relaxing hobby.

With the Infinity Lights Puzzle pieces create wonderful vibrant one of a kind light art. Infinity Lights are the very fast, fun and easy lights you can make yourself.

Each Infinity Light Kit comes either in Small, Medium or Large with 30 interlocking plastic pieces, so you can make up to 15 Different Shapes. Instructions and electrical hanging cord are also  included with your kit order today. Infinity Lights are more than just a light. It is a puzzle. Put the pieces together many different ways. Create you own unique lamps. Create fifteen different shapes which include a stoplight, double barrel, fish, firecracker, gum drop, diamond, pear, tear drop, fun shape, mini oval, bigger diamond, cube, seashell, icicle or sphere. The colors you can create with are red, orange, rainbow, dark blue, purple, green, yellow, white, blue and pink. It’s like doing a puzzle that turns into a glowing light.


Infinity Lights the unique kind light art with endless possibilities.  Infinity Lights are self-assemble lamp shades made up of quadrilateral, interlocking pieces that can be assembled in a variety of ways. You decide the shape and colors. Perfect for decorations for parties, special events like birthdays, weddings, showers and so many other occasions.

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