Instant 20/20 Adjustable Dial In Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses You Dial In

Dial Vision Adjustable Glasses

The Instant 20/20 Glasses are an awesome product advertised on tv. They are adjustable glasses you dial in, so you get perfect vision instantly at a great low price.

There are many reasons to use these glasses like if you have lost your contacts or broke your glasses. Wear while you lounge by the pool, at sporting events, reading or watching tv.

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Instant 20/20 are simple amazing. You dial them in and see great! These glasses have many benefits including that they are adjustable, corrects 90% of spherical errors, see clearly in just about any situation and available in two stylish colors, brown and black. You can adjust each lenses to a different magnification. Set them to the strength that is best for each eye.

These eye glasses can come in handy for many situations. Use when reading a book, knitting, at a sports event or anywhere you want to see a little clearer.

Adjustable Glasses Lets You Dial-In, and See, Instantaneously

Instant 20/20 is not a prescription eyeglass, however, they remedy 90% of spherical errors. When adjusted as directed, Instant 20/20 lets you see. Instant 20/20 does not correct astigmatism.

Do you feel powerless if you misplace your glasses or contacts? Instant 20/20 glasses are entirely customizable so you can adjust the lens to the exact need for each of your eyes. Try the changeable lenses that aid near as well as far sightedness, today.

There are two lens, one atop the other, that work individual of each other and are entirely changeable. This enables you to set the lens to the excellent focus for each and every one of your eyes. Instant 20/20 is the world’s first adjustable eyewear.

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