Instant Trainer Dog Leash Perfect Training Walker

Instant Trainer Dog Leash

The Instant Trainer Leash attaches to any collar and uses gentle but firm resistance to discourage your dog from pulling. It is time that you stop dreading walk time.

Instant Trainer Leash

Do you have a hard time walking your dog? Walking your dog can be a chore and very unpleasant. Your dog can tug and pull you as you walk. Instead of having your pet drag you along why don’t you take control. The Instant Trainer Leash allows you to do this and it is vet approved.

Instant Trainer Leash

Training your dog to walk with you can be a wonderful opportunity for dogs and owners to learn how to work together, get lots of exercise, and become more in synch with each other. Gently transform any dog into a perfect walker partner instantly.

As Seen On Tv Instant Trainer Leash Features:
Instantly trains to stop pulling.
No more choking!
Attaches to any collar.
Fits all size dogs!
Walk multiple dogs at the same time.

Is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3. First run the leash down the back and then under the hips and next through the loop and you are ready to go.

We are sure you will find the Instant Trainer easier and more enjoyable to use than choke collars or harness. You pet is sure to like it better to. Train your dog instead of your dog training you.

Walks will be way more enjoyable and fun. Walk with confidence knowing your pet will stay by your side at all times with the Instant Trainer Leash.

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