Iscope Telescopic Powerful Bendable Magnetic Flashlight

IScope Magnetic Expandable Flashlight

iScope is the remarkable extendable app function tool that’s more than simply a flashlight. It extends, bends as well as is a magnet for picking up products up to 2 lbs.

Bell & Howell Telescopic Light

The amazing, extendable, all purpose tool that is more than just a flashlight!

3 brilliant white LEDs

Extends from 6 in. to 22 in.
Powerful magnetic head can flex 360 degrees
Rugged aluminum construction
Rear mounted magnet attaches to any metal surface

iScope is the telescopic lighting that can easily enter the areas you just can’t. The compact layout expands from 6 to 22 to assist you navigate into little spaces where light is sparse. The suggestion presents three incredibly rich LED lights as well as a magnetized surface for retrieving products went down behind the cleansing equipment, sofa or under your infant seat. The magnetic base suggests hands free of charge use. Use 360 qualification pliable neck to angle the light to complete tasks in small spots. Rugged metal construction includes a wallet clip. Batteries featured.

You will find many uses for The Bell & Howell Extendable Flashlight. Great for using when there is a power outage or when working on your car. The flashlight that bends and extends.

IScope Features:
3 brilliant white LEDs
Extends from 6 in. to 22 in.
Powerful magnetic head can easily bend 360 degrees
Rugged light weight aluminum construction
Rear installed magnet attaches to any steel area



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