Light Angel Motion Sensor Led Light Stick Up

Light Angel Motion Activated Stick Up Led Light

Light Up your home indoors and outdoors with the Light Angel rotating led stick up led lights.

Light Angel Set of 2

It can be very scary taking the trash out at night or letting you pet out to go to the bathroom especially when it is pitch black out. Also when you come home from a late night night out trying to find the key lock can be a struggle. The Light Angel can help you to feel safer and make the task of getting into the house quicker.

The Light Angel is the Stick Up Led Light is so easy-to-install, it is a motion-sensor and of course wireless. Since it is wireless you can place it just about anywhere.

You can save money and help protect your family and property by buying Light Angel outdoor security lighting. Plus at the same time protect your own personal safety when leaving or entering your home.  These lights are activated when motion is detected by a sensor.

Think about it wouldn’t it be great to have an outdoor light that lights your front steps, back porch, by the trash cans, at the mailbox, on the patio, or by the pool area? Why pay an electrician big bucks when you can get light in the areas you want yourself.

light angel and Anthony Sullivan

Watch the commercial with Anthony Sullivan demonstrating the Angel Light.

The LED-bright Light Angel has an automatic motion sensor that rotates 360 degrees.  It is cordless and ready for use in all types of weather conditions. These LED lights can save you tons of money over time. They can last up to 100 thousands of  hours! The Light Angel’s adhesive tape is extremely weather resistant, so you can have light wherever you need and want it!

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