Lint Lizard Removes Dryer Lint

Lint Lizard Magic Dryer Wand

The lint lizard removes dryer lint in the hard to reach places. A magic wand that cleans deep into your dryer and under appliances.

Lint Lizard

Lint Lizard is the best way to clean your dryer vents and prevent dangerous lint fires! Plus your dryer should dry your clothes faster. No matter how hard you try to get all the lint out of your dryer it is nearly impossible. Most regular vacuum attachments may not fit in your lint trap. Well lint lizard is your answer to this everyday household problem.

Link Lizard

With the Lint Lizard, you can reach deep down into your dryer vent and clear the dryer lint at its source to prevent clogging! Just attach the Lint Lizard to the end of your vacuum cleaner, and it has a built in fan nozzle that reaches easily into your lint catcher and even your dryer vent outside. Keeping your dryer free of lint maximizes energy efficiency, saving you money and time and is much safer. Nothing works like the Lint Lizard.

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