Lock & Rollin Flooring |DIY Attic Flooring Solution

Lock & Rollin Flooring Solution

Lock & Rollin Flooring Solution makes it so very easy, quick and an affordable way to turn that unused attic space into an awesome storage are that is much safer and better organized.

Lock N Rollin Flooring


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Lock N Rollin Flooring Solutions slide boards together, rolls out and  is lightweight, It turn attic space into useful quality storage space. This flooring is very durable and super strong.

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So what are the great benefits of Lock N Rollin? Find out just how it can solve a very common problem. There is no cutting or measuring required. It is ver resistant to mildew, mold, terminates and even water. This special plastic flooring holds up to 250 pounds per square feet. Think of all the extra storage space you can get out of your attic if it does not already an existing floor.

Lock N Rollin TV Offer

You are sure to be amazed about just how easy it is to install this flooring in your attic. Three step quick installation. First step just slide and lock the slats together. Then roll them out. Next just lock them down. Lock & Rollin has a patented cam locking hinge system and also a ledge to ledge technology that double strengthens each connection.

Getting it up to the attic should be easy because it is much lighter than plywood about 30 to 40 percent lighter. It rolls up for easy transport. It fits precisely over your attic joists.  It has a wood grain, modular attractive design.

Budget wise this is really a low cost effective way to get a floor in your attic. Get the 4 on the floor starter pack with free shipping today! This interlocking wood grain appearance is your answer to more storage space in your home.

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