Lock Wallet Portable RFID Protective Shield Sleeve

Lock Wallet is a Portable Safe for your ID, Cash, and Cards

Individual information can be gotten from your credit, debit, identification card, ticket or certificates by the activation of the card’s RFID chip. Secure your individual details with Lock Wallet.

Lock Wallet secures credit cards and more from ever growing invasive scanners, The Lock Wallet has a RFID protective shield that does not allow the signal transmission from any sort of device penetrate inside the wallet. This helps to prevent the scanners for retrieving all sorts of information. The RFID protective shield is extremely portable and safe for your cash, cards, and as well as your ID.

With today’s technical developments it is so crucial to protect your credit as well as be pro-active. Most of us need to secure the belongs in our purses and safeguard from burglars. The Lock Wallet is light-weight, small and contains an RFID obstructing shield. It ought to suit any kind of bag or pockets because of it’s size. The wallet which is for both men and women has a full zip around as well as there is a clear outer ID holder. Aluminium wallets with blocking technology shields individual details from outsiders RFID transmitters and scanners.

Lock Wallet RFID Blocking

Wallet that protects credit cards from being scanned.

We all know most credit cards have RFID chips that broadcast a signal that can be easily stolen up to 10 feet away! The secret happens in the Lock Wallet’s thin nano layer of blocking RFID aluminum that puts an barrier that is impenetrable between your personal information and those intrusive RFID readers, protecting you from nasty credit card fraud and avoiding all the headaches that can come with it! You are sure to be amazed at just how much it can hold. It can hold as much as 36 cards, IDs, plus cash and more!

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