LoveHandle Universal Elastic Adhesive Hand Grip

LoveHandle Hand Grip for Smart Phones & Tablets

The LoveHandle is a elastic universal unique grip that attaches with a special 3M adhesive to the back of any tablet, phone or case!  With this simple tool never drop your phone or ipad again. Get a handle on the devices you love.

LoveHandle As Seen On TV

We are love and value our smart phones and other devices. Now it is time to help protect them for drops by attaching the LoveHandle easily to the back. Never drop your phone again. Plus it is a more comfortable way to hold you ipad and phone. With the hand grip attached to your device it can be flipped around to the back of your hand. This allows for important hands-free functionality.

The LoveHandle Phone and Tablet Grip is an universal holding accessory that attaches on to any sort of gadget using a strong however removable peel-n-stick adhesive. It allows the user to firmly hold their devices and gadgets without dropping them. The LoveHandle is terrific for taking great clear pictures and especially the good old selfies! It can be flipped around to the rear of your hand. This makes for hands-free performance and also is perfect when you run, cycle or go for a long walk so you can keep you phone close by and easy to access quickly.

So what are the best features of the LoveHandle? It makes holding your devices easier. It is soft to the touch and has a comfortable elastic grip. The 3M unique adhesive leaves no residue. It works on just about all phones and tablets and can work with other items too! Makes texting with one hand much easier!

Imagine with the Love Handle Grip you can hold you cellphone with just one finger. It is sure to become an indispensable part of their device. Also makes a great stabilizer for when you take photos or videos.

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