Luma Flameless Candles that Change Colors

Learn  Why You Should Use a Flameless Luma Candle

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The Luma Candles which have been seen on tv are real wax color changing led candles with a vanilla scent.

These led candles are made from a pure paraffin wax that gives off a fresh vanilla scent and is cool to the touch because there is no flame. A remote comes with the candles which lets you easily change between 12 beautiful illuminating colors that can provide up to 100,000 hours of candle light. You can also set a timer for either 4 or 8 hours.

You will be sure to love that atmosphere the Luma Candles create. Enjoy a safe, relaxing time with your candles light that makes your home feel like a spa.

Why Is It Better To Use LED Candles?

Well of course one of the main reasons is the safety of no hot flame and they stay cool to the touch. You have the power with the remote to change the colors from among 12 illuminating colors. The led candles are made from real paraffin wax that give off a vanilla scent. There is no mess or worries of spills or drips. Set the Luma Candles to turn off in either 4 hours or 8 hours. Has a steady or multi-flickering setting.

Perfect for dorm rooms and make for the perfect gift year round. Beautiful color changing candles. Brings beautiful light and a soft pleasant fragrance to any room. With LED candles you can make the candle just about any color you want. Set the remote to have the candle be white, red, blue, green, purple or other colors.

LED candles offer you a wonderful option over the regular candle. Without the danger of being hot and having a flame. Kids are sure to love the nice soft light in their bedrooms at night. They would also be great for a camping trip. The places you can use these candles are endless.  Why would you not choose an LED candle?

Luma Candles with Remote Control

 Generally speaking, led candles have been specially designed pure paraffin wax candles to give the appearance to look like real burning candles. The wick of a led candle are usually placed inside the body of the candle. It may look like these candles have been partially burned. The led itself is usually hidden, but the top of the candle burns and gives the impression of translucent wax. Led candles resemble a real looking like flame.

Remote Control Luma Candles provide a tasteful atmosphere within your bedroom, kitchen, office, patio or where ever you decide to place them. Get a cozy atmosphere without the danger of chemicals or flames. They even change color to fit the mood, decor for just about any occasion, just by using extremly easy-to-read remote. Have fun switching between 12 different amazing color choices. Like a real candle, these safety options are made of genuine paraffin wax and give off a pleasant vanilla scent.

Luma Candles are the beautiful, color changing, candles that have been seen advertised on tv. Add beauty & warmth environment to any indoor or outdoor area. Luma Candles bring light and fragrance together to enhance your total body and mind experience.

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