Lumi Doh Glow In The Dark Play Dough

Lumi Doh The Doh That Glows

lumi doh glows in the dark

Kids will love playing with Lumidoh. This dough glows in the dark, shines, stretches and never leaves a mess. Lumi Doh is the doh that glows.

Lumi Doh allows your kids to create whatever they imagine the possibilities are endless.

Lumi-doh stretches like rubber & molds just like dough. It glows brightly in the dark and has a bright glossy shine. It never dries out like other play doughs and does not leave a mess. It is non-toxic, antibacterial and washable. If you want to keep your creations just bake it! Your kids could make unique gifts to give with Lumidoh!

On a rainy day parents will love this play doh too, because it can keep your kids busy for hours creating works of art. This is sure to be a big hit this Holiday season.


Glow In The Dark Play Dough

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