Magic Finder Find Anything Connects to Smart Phone

Magic FinderFind Any Misplaced or Lost Item In Seconds

Magic Finder is one of the simplest and quickest way to find just about anything! The unique finder connects with any smart device or smart phone, so that you’ll never lose anything again. Magic finder tracks items by using either a radar which will display the distance of the lost item, give out a sound and light, or two way tracking which activates an alarm on your smart phone or smart device.

Very simple to use. Just put the finer with the object you want to keep track of an then download the app. No more worrying about where your keys are or the remote to the tv. You can track up to 8 items. Even track the family dog by attaching to their collar.

Finders, additionally are known as Key Locators, Electronic Finders or  Keyfinders. They usually are tiny electronic gadgets made use of to recuperate misplaced or lost essential objects. Their objective is to make it easier to locate keys or other individual things, while continuing to be inconspicuous. Some key finders beep on demand.

Key Finder

Have you ever panicked because your lost you wallet? We all know how awful this is and how time consuming it can be. You have to try and remember what credit cards were in it and then spend sometime on the phone canceling the credit cards. Avoid all of this by putting a Magic Finder inside.

Magic Finder locates products using different methods. Radar display tracks the proximity to your item. Activate the Magic Finder to ring & light up to discover your product by view & audio. Simply a quick press of a button aids you discover your phone in secs!

Magic Finder is wonderful for tracking tons of products, including, laptop computers, keys, remotes, pets, luggage, phone an also your vehicle. Never lose anything once more. Magic Finder is the rapid and also easy way to find anything, anywhere, utilizing a mobile iOS device or Android device.

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