Magic Mesh Magnetic Screen Door Covers

Magic Mesh Screen Door Seen On TV

Magic mesh is the instant screen door that closes automatically using magnets.

Magic Mesh As Seen On TV

Magic Mesh Magnetic Screen Door covers that immediately opens and mysteriously snaps shut behind you using eighteen super strong strategically placed magnets. Whether you have your hands full of stuff, or you have a family member that is forgetful about closing doors, you can still let fresh air in and keep those bugs out.


A new type of screen door. Keep annoying bugs out. The magic is the magnets, 18 of them that helps for the magic mesh to snap closed behind you. Magic mesh is so easy to install, no nails and no tools.

This screen is perfect for the summer and warmer months. Take it down and store in the colder months.

Magic mesh can save you money, instead of turning the air conditioner on open your door with the screen installed and let the fresh cool air in.

Magic Mesh instant screen door uses magnets to instantly open & magically snap closed behind you. Keep fresh air in & insects out.

Magic Mesh is the incredible screen curtains that easily and quickly opens without using any hands and then watch as they mysteriously  close themselves behind you. Magic Mesh is you can keep annoying bugs,and insects out but fresh air inside. The secret really isn’t  that mysterious it is the magnets. These magnets are 30% stronger then when Magic Mesh was first introduced. The 18 magnets should close automatically right behind you when you go through it all without using your hands. You will find so many great uses for Magic Mesh Screen Doors. Great for using on rV doors, single doors, sliding doors, really just about anywhere you would want a screen door that fits the dimensions.

Magic Mesh fits standard single & sliding doors.

You can use the magic-mesh in so many areas. How about your sliding door, a door that goes to the garage, your mobile home, a shed, really just about on any door. Regular screens just may not work and can be a challenge to install.

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  1. Gloria says:

    What is the size of the magic mesh screen door?

    • asseenontv says:

      Just spoke with customer service and received these dimensions on the magic mesh screen cover panels
      there are two panels
      width 19 1/2 inches (each panel)
      height 86 inches

      39w x 86h

  2. missy wills says:

    how do you install this

    • asseenontv says:

      Magic Mesh Screen Door Cover installs easily, no nails, no screws, no tools, just velcro

  3. Ooh, I’ve seen these and really, really want one. We live in an apartment and can’t, exactly, install a screen door.

  4. Has anyone tried these? If so, what were your results?

  5. GMAS2L8 says:

    I have just seen this on a commercial & thought that it is exactly like something i have been trying to to make at home except, i needed it for a couple of windows,not doors! {to let some unusual pets in & out without the bugs !!} I am wondering if i can get this in other sizes ,IE; smaller window sizes,or can be modified. Thanks for any answers & also the product looks to be very handy ,whether it suits my immediate needs or not …. I am now bummed that when i described this same idea to my husband years ago he rolled his eyes. I regret that I did not try to market it myself ,!hahaha !!! Well great minds & all that .

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