Magic Pens | Amazing Color Changing Magical Pens

Magic Pens – Transform regular okay drawings into super magical works of art!

Magic Pens As Seen On TV

You might expose a secret message with Magic Pens. With these Magic Pens you could also fire fireworks high up overhead on your image, amazingly transform a princess dress from purple to hot pink as well as make an underwater scene come to life. You can do everything with these impressive pens.

The As Seen On TV Super Fun Color Changing Magical Pens

Magic Pens transform routine drawings right into magical pieces of artwork. Magic Pens are color transforming pens that transform any sort of drawing right into a stunning art piece. The pens are a non-toxic and help to permit your creativity skyrocketing, and the shades never ever smudge or run as well as they last for several years. Magic Pens allow you to transform as well as remove colors on ordinary works of art, and also is wonderful for any kind of tinting artwork.

With Magic Pens you can do it all. You can make modifications as well as erase color, supply fantastic  enhancements and also outlining, and even produce 3 Dimensional fine artwork, and also create secret hidden messages.

Magic Pens As Seen On TV

These outstanding Magic Pens from Wham-O come in a set of different color changing pens and a set of super cool pens that erase, 2 magical white pens and fun stencils.

The color change pens compose the shade of the pens tip barrel, however will amazingly transform to the shade color of the caps top with a slight touch softly of the white magical pen. Eraser Magical Pens write the shade of the tip, but can and should erase magically with the touch of the Magic Pens that are white.

These magical pens are super easy to use and makes drawing so much more fun. So just how do you use them? First use the color markers to create your beautiful masterpiece of art work. Then use the unique white pen and watch t’s magic to color over your drawing, which can change things or even erase colors. Just let your imagination soar.

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