Magic Jack Plus Free Local and Long Distance Calling

Magic Jack Plus New & Improved

Save on your monthly phone bill, keep your own number and use with or without a computer.

Never pay a monthly phone bill again! Free local and long distance calling in the USA and Canada. 100% Risk Free 30 Day Trial.

Stop worrying about your monthly phone bills. Turn high speed internet service into phone service with Magic Jack Plus, the 2011 Product of the Year. It installs in two simple steps and can be used with or without a computer for unlimited calling in the US and Canada. And the best part is you can transfer your current number.

2011 Product of the Year
Does your cell phone have bad reception or drop calls in your house? Then you need magicJack. Plug and Play USB Phone Jack allows users to make calls. Each magicJack USB phone jack includes a phone number. Use your regular home phone.

Here’s How Easy It Is…

Now you don’t need a computer anymore. This is great so now you can receive as good or even better service than your regular home telephone does. You no longer have to keep your computer turned on all the time. You can use any phone whether it’s corded, cordless, portable, DECT. You just simply plug it into your new phone jack in the magicJack PLUS which can be plugged into the wall now. Of course you still have a choice to plug your phone into the magicJack PLUS when you want to use it with your computer when traveling, on vacation, visiting a friend or loved one, at your business or even your home. Now you have a choice, and magicJack is the only one who gives you these choices.

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