Magna Nails Magnetic Metallic Nail Polish

Magna Nails The Magnetic Nail Polish

Magna Nails instantly transforms your nails into a metallic work of art. I bet you are tired of spending money on professional nail styling? It can be very expensive and the nail polish does not seem to last long. This makes the cost go up because of more times at the salon.

magna nails metallic nail polish

Magna Nails is a new innovative nail polish that allows you to create multi-dimensional designs with the use of a magnet. Get salon quality nail designs in your home much cheaper that at the nail salon.

Magna Nails is a new cool special effects nail polish that uses the power of magnets to instantly create an amazing multi-dimensional metallic design on your nails!

Magna Nails has a unique Gemstone collection that contains 4 exotic nail shades: Green Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Purple Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Plus you will get 4 exclusive magnet design. The magnet designs are Dazzling Diagonals, Sophisticated Stripes,  Seductive Swerves and Wicked Waves. Experiment wear a couple of different nail colors. Get your unique looking nails.

Create the most stunning look on your nails in your home in two easy steps. First step apply a generous amount of the nail polish to fully coat the nail. Second just hold the magnet over the nail and watch as stunning designs will appear magically! It’s that easy!

Don’t you feel good when your nails have color to them. It really adds to whatever outfit you are wearing. Now not only can you have color on your nails you will have a multi-dimensional look. You can have dazzling and sophisticated nails.

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