MasterPan Non-Stick Frying Pan with 5 Dividers

MasterPan Frying Pan

The amazing all-purpose frying pan that lets you prepare 5 various foods all done in 1 pan.

Master Pan 5 Chambers

Master Pan can cook 5 separate foods in one all purpose frying pan. The energy efficient base delivers heat to every part of the pan, requiring just 1 burner for the sizable sized pan. MasterPan is made from cast aluminum so it’s durable, yet light-weight, enabling you to grill meats, veggies and even sauces simultaneously conserving you time.

MasterPan is a useful and durable pan that’s made to prepare 5 different foods at once and only needs one heater. Durable and double split, this pan is light in the hand with a non-stick layer for very easy cleaning.

As Seen On TV MasterPan

The Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Meal Skillet

Visualize the convenience of cooking 5 foods in the exact same pan simultaneously. The special 5 chambers maintains drippings from coming in contact with the other foods. This power efficient frying pan has a base that provides heat to every part of the pan. Master Pan just requires one heating element despite its sizable size. The 5 chamber pan is 100% cast aluminum style. It is light in the hand, yet durable.

MasterPan is 5 Pans in 1 with. dual split, non-stick finish and also PFOA. Because of the non-stick coating the pans is very simple to clean. Use the center chamber for higher heat to grill fish and shellfish and meats, as well as the sides for reduced warmth on vegetables, eggs, potatoes, and a lot more!

Five different food chambers maintain veggies far from meat for vegetarians. You can also cook fish and steak at the same time without mixing tastes!

It’s made for active households similar to your own, and also makes smaller dishes perfect for couples. Also, gives university student full-meal food preparation, as well as, it’s the excellent pan when you go RVing, camping, and tailgating.

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