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Mattress Wedge – Sleep Better

Mattress Wedge As Seen On TV

Buy 1 Mattress Wedge and Get 1 Free!

Get a better nights sleep with Mattress Wedge. Everyone wants a good night sleep. Mattress Wedge can help achieve this. Fill the gap between the front of your mattress and your head board.

You will be amazed how this little bit of incline under your pillow can help you to sleep better. Mattress Wedge is great for helping to keep your pillow comfortable, close the bed between split beds and keeping items safe from falling through the gaps. Also great to use to fill a space between beds.

Mattress Foam Wedge Headboard is great for keeping toys safe, closing the gap between split beds and fits any size bed! Mattress Wedge also has side pockets for fast storage!

As Seen On TV Mattress Wedge – Fills the Gap So You Can Sleep Better

Stop losing sleep and close the gap with Mattress Wedge, This award winning, patented solution closes the gap between the wall and headboard in any size bed. Now keep your pillow on the bed instead of under bed.

Mattress Wedge fills the gaps


Works great as a headboard wedge,

What are the features of the Mattress Wedge?

It fits on just about any size bed. It has side pockets for storage. It is made from a high density comfort foam. The wedge is sturdy and lightweight. You can wash it in the wash machine. It stays cool in the summer and it insulates in the winter.

So stop losing sleep and close the gap with Mattress Wedge. This product is great for kids too! How many times has your child’s favorite toy fall off the bed. Kids toys seem to disappear into the open space between the wall and bed? Then you are stuck digging in the cracks to find it all. Stop having to search for your child’s belongings. Just buy the Matters Wedge! Help your whole family to get a good nights sleep.  A pillow that fills bed gaps.

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