Micro Smores Campfire Treat Indoors

Micro Smores

Make S’mores in your Microwave with micro smores. Now you can have the delicious treat without a fire and in the comfort of your own home. The Micro S’more cooker lets you enjoy this fun treat in ten short seconds. Just stack the graham, chocolate and marshmallow then pop it in the microwave and you’ll have yourself a gooeylicious s’more.

Make S’mores in the microwave! The 10 second treat that is fun and so yummy to eat!

Micro Smores Double the Offer
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Check out this classic campfire micro s’mores recipe

Camp Fire Classic
2 Graham Crackers
1 Marshmallow
1 Chocolate Square

Place 1 graham cracker on base of cooker. Place chocolate square on graham cracker. Place marshmallow on chocolate square. Place 1 graham cracker on marshmallow. Place top of cooker over the ingredients onto the base. Cook in microwave for 10 seconds.

Say goodbye to the messy and inefficient stove top method today and try Micro S’mores- the 10-second treat that’s fun to eat!

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They’re supposed to be”10 second treats that are fun to eat”. NECN puts it to the test.

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