Mighty Bite Nano 5 Sense Fishing Lures

Mighty Bite Nano is The World’s Only Proven and Patented 5 Sense Fishing Lure

Mighty Bite Nano fishing lures help you to catch fish every time and is designed to specially appeal to five senses for ultimate results.

Mighty Bite are the world’s only 5 sense fishing lures. They swim like a live wounded fish bait, Have the best fishing season of your life using these lures. So what are the five senses we are talking about? The appearance, smell, sounds, feel and tastes of lure are just like a wounded baitfish.

The Mighty Bite Nano is the worlds only patented and proven 5 sense fishing lure.

catching fish

Mighty Bite Nano looks, sounds, feels, smells and even swims like a wounded baitfish. Mighty Bite is great for both salt water and fresh water!

Mighty Bite Awesome Features and Benefits

The lures works for all predatory fish and uses an incredible”spasmic-like” action, helping to attract fish. They have a uniques bite mark designed making them look like a wounded fish. They also leave a powerful and scented trail. Has a 3D hologram design that fish should strike often. The lures appeals to all 5 senses – sight, sound, smell, feel, and taste!

Jeff Mancini is the inventor of the Mighty Bite. Even get the bite at night with the UFO glow kit!

Mighty Bite Fishing Lures Complete Basic Kit – 5-SENSE As Seen On TV Fishing Lures!

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