Mighty Sealer White, Black and Clear Liquid Sealant

Mighty Sealer – Flexible Rubber Coating Sealant

mighty sealer

The Mighty Sealer is a liquid rubber waterproof coating sealant to help stops water leaks. It seeps into cracks to fill holes and seals out moisture and air. It stops leaks fast and easily.

As Seen On TV’s Original Mighty Sealer – The Number 1 Flexible Rubber Coating Sealant

Save Money on Repairs
Mighty Sealer Liquid Rubber Spray Can Lasts for Years
It won’t crack or Chip.
It inhibits Rust and Corrosion.
It works indoors or Outdoors.
Flexible Spray
No need to paint over

Sealing is believing. Use the spray and see how fast your item seals up and stop leaks right before your eyes. Because it comes in different colors, there should be no need to paint over to match the product you are sealing. It’s a repairman in a can and comes in clear, white and black. Fix roof leaks with ease. It forms a water-tight barrier on just about all surfaces.

Many jobs around the home can be repaired with a liquid rubber sealer instead of hiring a plumber or other contractor. Why pay big bucks, when you could fix the problem yourself? Many types of spray rubber sealant can act as an adhesive, both binding materials and protecting them to avoid future problems.

The clear sealer would work great on showers, faucets, plumbing, cement, grout and granite counter-tops. The white mighty sealer can fix gutter and window leaks. It, Furthermore, works great for sealing vinyl siding and plumbing problems. The black sealant works well on rooftops, blacktop, metal, rubber and even damaged trees.


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