Miracle Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam Pillow Stays Cool

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – Sleep and Feel Rested with this Revolutionary Pillow

Miracle Bamboo Pillow helps you to get a great night’s sleep. The pillow is made from memory foam that is shredded, so it easily conforms to your shape and also stays cool all night. The Miracle Bamboo Pillow is hypoallergenic, and also naturally dissipates warmth and heat keeping the cushion cool all night.

With the Miracle Bamboo Pillow you actually get three pillows in one. To get fluffy and soft support use on the side. If you want your neck and head cradled use it flat. If you want it firm use as a bolster kinda folded over to use when watching tv, eating or reading.

Miracle Bamboo Pillow As Seen On TV

No more flipping or rearranging your pillow throughout the night. The external covering of the pillow is made of bamboo textile. A revolutionary new textile that is stronger than silk. Softer than cotton. Exceptionally long lasting, and due to the fact that it is bamboo, it has natural warmth dissipating properties that maintains the cushion stays cool all night long.

Miracle Bamboo Pillow should never stay flat. It should always come back full and fluffy again. It is great for travel as you can roll it up tightly and has a machine washable cover.

Block memory foam can get hard as well as keep in heat! Miracle Bamboo Pillow is loaded with memory foam! It is both soft and also very supportive at the exact same time. It adapts to your form for superb comfort. No other cushion seems like the Miracle Bamboo Pillow.

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow has many great features. It conforms to your shape forgiving you excellent support your body requires. It is great for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and even back sleepers. It is made from special memory foam that has been shredded. The bamboo pillow resists allergens, dust mites, resists mold and is naturally hypoallergenic. No more pillow that heats up when you sleep, it stays cool throughout the night. No need to flip the pillow. Guess what? The pillow over is machine washable.

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