Mister Steamy Laundry Dryer Ball

Mister Steamy – Dryer Balls As Seen On TV

Do you hate ironing? If so then then mister steamy is for you.

From cottons to polys to blends…Mister Steamy is the fastest way to get wrinkles out without getting the iron out.
Get Soft, Wrinkle Free Clothes Without an Iron

Shop at the Official Website for Mister Steamy lets you enjoy wrinkle free clothing by turning your dryer into a high powered clothing steamer. Throw away your iron, and never buy dryer sheets again! Mr. Steamy will take all of your wrinkles out with ease! Mister Steamy is the revolutionary new dryer ball with the power of steam. From now on get soft, wrinkle free clothes without an iron or dryer sheets.

Just add water to mister steamy and toss it in the dryer. 

Mister Steamy


It promises to give you soft, wrinkle-free clothes without an iron! NECN puts it to the test.

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