Neater Feeder Express for Pets

Neater Dog Bowl Feeder

Not all dog feeders are the same. The Neater Feeder helps to catch the dropped food and water from your dogs mouth before it hits the floor. The Neater Feeder is a patented two-part mess proof design that catches spilled food up top and drains spilled water into the bottom.

Dog feeder that catches food and water!

It comes in many different sizes for dogs and cats too! There is a special design just for cats. Because of the elevated design your pet is at a more comfortable height when eating their pet food.

It is made from a smooth and durable plastic construction which makes it easy to clean.

As Seen On TV Neater Feeder Express was created to catch spilled pet food and even water before it hits the floor. Keep your floor cleaner without your pets food all over the floor.

It has a clever two-part design that can handle the mess for you! Catches spilled food, and collect spilled water. Perfect for messy eaters, sloppy drinkers, accidental kicks and knocks!

It is perfect for sloppy drinkers,  messy eaters and accidental kicks and knocks from people passing buy. The feeder comes in two-parts, which helps make for a mess proof design. It catches spilled food on the top, and it drains spilled water into the bottom of the unit. The elevated design creates a comfortable feeding position for all dogs and cats. So control the mess and save your time on cleaning the floors.

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