NightHawk T700 Tactical LED High Performance Flashlight

NightHawk T700 LED Flashlight

See the light and choose one of the best tactical flashlights on the market!

Nighthawk Light

The Nighthawk T700 Tactical Flashlight is made from aircraft aluminum to make it long lasting and a very durable tactical flashlight. This amazing flashlight has 5 modes. The different modes are high, medium, low, strobe and sos.

You are sure to love this flashlight because of it’s many features. It is very bright and compact in size. Because of it’s compact size it can easily fit inside a pocketbook, glove box or even in your pocket. Think of all the times this military grade flashlight comes in handy. Perfect for night walks, power outages, night fishing and camping out.

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Strobing LED flashlights are readily available to the general public for use for their very own safety and security. With a push of the button, a LED flashlight can become a strobing light in the event of an assault while in a parking garage or walking home during the night. This pulsing light could offer a couple of added seconds to get some distance or call out for help.

T700 Tactical Flashlight

Most people underestimate the importance of having a tactical flashlight. Whether you’re driving somewhere and also break down, or strolling alone at night, tactical flashlights are so bright and powerful they provide you with many benefits. Not to mention if you are lost, what better way to bring attention to yourself than with a powerful light that can be seen for up to 2 miles away!

One of the top reason to purchase a tactical flashlight is for personal defense. Not only are these tactical flashlights useful for law enforcement and the military, they are likewise considered beneficial for personal defense.

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