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Nuwave offers many products to make your life easier in the kitchen. Visit their on-line store and shop for all their amazing products which include, the Nuwave Oven, Nuwave Oven Pro, Nuwave Oven Elite, Nuwave PICS and Flavor-Lockers Vacuum Food Storage.

Nuwave maybe best known for cooking food quickly and cooking food evenly through.


Nuwave Oven Pro is a very versatile oven that takes advantage of triple combo cooking power that helps to cook food faster!  This oven allows you to broil, roast, grill, bake, barbecue, steam, sear, and air-fry all in one convenient countertop appliance.

Nuwave Oven Bogo Offer

Nuwave Oven uses a unique infrared cooking feature, this enables you to cook your foods much faster, and it uses less electricity than some other countertop appliances.  It cooks meats much healthier than those conventional ovens. A really awesome feature is that it can cook food from frozen without having to defrost and no waiting for preheating.

Nuwave products have been seen on FOX, ABC, CBS and SPIKE TV!

There are three NuWave Precision Induction Cooktops, the titanium, the gold and  the nuwave pic2. With these induction cooktops you get precision temperature when cooking your foods. There are a number of countertop induction cookers available to choose from. However the Nuwave PIC  gives the consumer so much. You can get precise temperature control with just a push of a button, it is so very portable and really user-friendly. What is also great about is that it saves time and money for busy families and  individuals. It is easy to clean because of it’s round design. It has been noted that it is quieter compared to other induction cooktops.

Flavor-Lockers Vacuum Storage System
Seal in the Flavor – Lock in the Freshness

Transform your freezer and  refrigerator from being overcrowded. Turn them into an organized space with the awesome NuWave Flavor-Lockers Storage System! This versatile unique vacuum storage system comes with everything you need to start saving time, food and money right away.

Flavor-Lockers containers are perfect for storing every kind of food like fresh produce, meats, pastas and desserts. Of course also great for storing leftovers. The containers are great for transporting lunches to and from work, school or the office. No fears of spills or messes. The re-sealable and reusable Flavor-Lockers bags are ideal for storing fresh deli meats, cheeses and more. With the vacuum technology you can even marinate your favorite meats in a fraction of the time.

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