O2 Hurricane Air System Canless Reusable Air Duster

O2 Hurricane Air System

The O2 Hurricane Industrial Unit is a basic, cutting-edge concept that has come to be an affordable change against standard canned air.

Canless Air System

The O2 Hurricane Air System is a cost-effective, long-term and ecologically pleasant substitute to canned air dusters and boasts much more constant electric than its canned competitors.  Purchase one nontoxic Canless Air System and you may never need to buy another can of air again. Use the O2 Hurricane as an air duster. Spray away the dust and dirt from keyboards, fans, mini blinds and other household items.

One O2 Hurricane Industrial Unit is equal to over 1,000 cans of canned air!
Save Thousands of Dollars!

Keep your computer and laptop running at superior performance with an air duster system. Computer air dusters are wonderful for taking out dirt and debris from hard to reach spots in CPUs, keyboards and a lot of other electronic devices. Have all your electronics clean and functional with Hurricane 02 canned compressed air.

The Canless Air 02 Hurricane canned be turned laterally, upside down, or any type of position that is had to power clean hard to reach crevices. Plus, you could utilize the Canless system in a maintained fashion for deep cleansing, and given that no chemicals are used there is no chance of frostbite. The Canless Hurricane 02 Air compressed air duster is a lot more powerful and much better able to get to tough locations compared to conventional air dusters, computer system cleaners and other air remedies.

Clean Keyboard with Air

Strikes at Over 200 miles an hour
Has more continuous power than canned air
Blasts for 15 mins on a cost then
Re-charges like your cell phone
Just uses the Air we Breathe

The O2 Hurricane is an easy, cutting-edge tool that has actually become a cost effective development against typical canned air. This product is a cost-effective and eco friendly substitute to canned air dusters and flaunts more constant power compared to its canned rivals.

Buy Canless Air System

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System


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