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Obsidian Slide Board


With The Obsidian Slide Board, you can shave inches from your body in as little as 30 minutes a day, three times a week.

The Obsidian slide board is constructed from HDP, which is nearly indestructible. HDP coincides with a product that offers the landing area on the Olympic long jump venue in Park City, Utah. That establishment is used year-round for exercise sportsmen from around the world, year after year. During the many months, snow is not readily available; the skiers touch down on the HDP area and utilize its glossy and heavy-duty homes to assimilate the homes of frozen snow.

End stops fabricated from lexan, which are installed on each end of the Obsidian slide board, additionally have superb maintenance cost-free, high longevity properties. Stainless steel hardware insures your time will be invested working out with instead of maintaining your slide board. The accessories are budget-friendly yet created with resourcefulness, removing the requirement for many and expensive specific pieces of devices to obtain a total physique workout.

The functional undersurface of the Obsidian slide board adjusts to the floor surface. Without setup required it can be transmitted from carpeting to a challenging smooth flooring area without shedding its capability to hold and provides a steady exercise foundation.

When your exercise is full, the slide board will certainly launch without maring or using the floor area. The inbuilt deal with makes relocating the board from room to room effortless. An easy custom bracket securely connects the slide board to the backside of a closet or bedroom doorway, without making long-lasting alterations to the door.

The Obsidian Fitness workout system features the Obsidian Slide Board, two custom Obsidian booties, two custom Obsidian mitts, the Beginner DVD, Pure Cardio DVD, and Crazy Abs DVD.

Why should you start The Obsidian Slide Board Fitness System?

It can shave inches from your body, so you can develop rock hard abs, and blast fat away for good!

DVDs feature more than 100 exercises.
30-minute DVD workouts
Side-to-side movement engages muscles quickly taking your body to peak at performance.

Obsidian fitness board creates a virtually frictionless surface that delivers extreme results with low impact.

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