One Touch Can Opener Deluxe

One Touch Can Opener

As Seen On TV

One Touch Can Opener
Works On Almost Any Size Can!
Lid Pop Right Back On!

Does your can opener slip, slide and only half-way open your cans? Are you sick and tried of battling it out with a simplistic kitchen device?

Introducing the One Touch Can Opener, the fast and easy way to open cans. The One Touch Can Opener is totally automatic. Just place it on the can, press the button and your can opens in seconds!


With the One Touch Can Opener, opening a can has never been this easy! Just place the One Touch™ on the top of the can, press the button and it’s open in seconds. And because the One Touch Can Opener cuts from the side, there are no sharp edges to cut your fingers on. The lid never falls in! You’ll never have to fish a dirty lid out of your food ever again!

Manual can openers take so much twisting and turning that it can be almost impossible to open a can. But with the One Touch Can Opener, you just touch and go. It’s that easy! Best of all, it works on any size can: small, medium or large. And because The One Touch cuts from the side, you no longer have to fumble with sharp lids!


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