Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Fat Burning Cardio Machine

Orbitrek Elite Magnetic Elliptical Exercise Machine

Orbitrek Magnetic Elite combines waist slimming cardio with the power of resistance training all in one revolutionary machine, so you get an awesome muscle sculpting and calorie burning workout at the same time!

Lose weight, tighten and tone all your major muscle groups in just minutes a day.

Burn Up to 825 Calories in am Hour

Slim thighs, firm buns, define waist line, sculpt Arms, tone chest and strengthen your back and shoulder muscles.

“The actual elliptical motion and the workout you gain from your quads and your upper body with your hand motion – it’s superb! It’s not like a treadmill where you might spend 30 minutes on that then have to go to another piece of equipment for your upper body for another 30 minutes. I personally don’t want to waste that kind of time.”  –Mark Spitz (7 time gold medal winner)

With the orbitrek elite you get 6 DIFFERENT gym exercises all in ONE machine. Giving you Fat Burning Cardio, Muscle Sculpting Resistance, Compact Features and Fast Results.

Turn N Burn resistance system with weighted fly wheel gives you the power to control your workout and your results. Providing over a 100 pounds of resistance.

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Elliptical Exercise Machines

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