Packit Cooler Lunch Bag

PackIt Lunch Bag

The Packit Cooler Bag keeps your food refrigerator cold and fresh for up to 10 hours.

Mom’s love the Packit food storage bag.! This cooler lunch bag has been seen on The Martha Stewart Show. The Pack-It Cooler Bag uses a unique revolutionary cooling technology.

You can say goodbye to ice gel packs that only last for about 2 hours. The PackIt Bag is your icepack, and it can stay cold for up to 10 hours. So easy to use!

The Pack-It Cooler Bag was featured on Good Morning America!

This bag is a money saving solution. Now it is so easy to bring a satisfying, delicious lunch from home, keeping it cold and still tasting fresh. Save hundreds of dollars every year.

packit as seen on tv


PackIt the freezable, foldable lunch bag!

Great for sporting events, picnics, trips to the beach, long walks, fishing and more.

With this insulated lunch bag take healthy, fresh food with you anywhere. The lunch box of the future. Kids are sure to love the Packit Lunch Bags.

Packit is a freezable individual cooler that keeps your food colder, better, and much safer for longer than you might ever before. Keep your meals frost approximately 10 hours! There’s no need for ice that liquefies or for large, toxic ice packs. Merely outlet your folded up Packit in the freezer up until you’re prepared to Packit and go!

The PackIt stands well on its own on your cooking area counter and can be easy to pack. The PackIt could hold 6 cans of soda flawlessly and keeps the soft drink frost.

Guess what? PackIt is not just for lunches. Use it for baby bottles, cold beverages, fruit snacks, when you travel… anywhere you need to keep items cold.

Packit is so easy to use. Just freeze it, unfold it and pack it, that’s it. Comes in polka dot, aqua and plaid.



Packit Lunch Bags


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