Pet Command Pet Zoom Ultimate Pet Training System

Pet Command Pet Training Command System

Pet Command is a hand held controller to help train your dog with just a push of a button. Pet Command Clicker training is a great way to get your pet to follow your commands.

You can simply and quickly correct many bad habits of your pet with Pet Command Clicker. The portable pocket size design of the remote is effective up to about 20 feet away. It a a humane way to train your dog unlike those shock collars. Pet Command has training buttons,  an ultrasonic bark control,  and a built in LED flashlight. Take charge of your pet when they get out of control.

Clicker Sound, Training and a Led Flashlight
Quick and easy to learn and use
Humane and effective up to about to 20 feet away
Portable pocket size design

Pet Command Trainer
Always remember to reward or praise your dog for good behavior and when they listen to a command. It does not always have to be a treat, praising words with a pleasant tone, a pat on the head and smiling work too. This helps to boost your dog’s confidence so that your dog will be more willing to follow instructions the next time. Praise is very important as it also helps you to bond better with your dog.

How do you stop your dog from barking?

Distraction is a good way to help control the annoying barking. By using the Pet Command Clicker it should distract your dog and help with this irrigating behavior. At times thou of course you want a dog to bark, to warn you when someone is entering your property, when they sense it is urgent for you to react to a situation. But if you have a dog that continues to bark non-stop it can be annoying to you and others around you.

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