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Find some of the best and most popular pet supplies for dogs and cats. These pet products that have been advertised on tv can help you to train your dog, make it possible for you to bake your own homemade dog treats and even help to solve potty issues. Are you searching for pet toys, pet beds, dog harness or pet grooming items?

Bullseye Pee Pads

Bullseye Pee Pads As Seen On TV - No Mess Puppy Pee Pads

Online Pet Supplies and Accessories

Pet Command Pet Zoom Ultimate Pet Training System

Pet Command As Seen On TV

Get Your Dog to Stop Barking with the Pet Command Clicker and Get a FREE Pet Brush! Click Here!

Pet Command is a hand held controller to help train your dog with just a push of a button. Pet Command is a hand held controller to help train your dog with just a push of a button. Pet Command Clicker training is a great way to get your pet to follow your commands.

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Neater Feeder Express for Pets

Neater Dog Feeder

Neater Feeder Pet Bowls, Click Here for More Details on a Special Limited Time Offer!

As Seen On TV Neater Feeder Express was created to catch spilled pet food and even water before it hits the floor. Keep your floor cleaner without your pets food all over the floor.

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Instant Trainer Dog Leash Perfect Training Walker

Instant Trainer Leash

Buy the Instant Trainer Leash Today and Make Walking your Pet More Fun!

The Instant Trainer Leash attaches to any collar and uses gentle but firm resistance to discourage your dog from pulling. It is time that you stop dreading walk time.

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Stream Clean Odor and Stain Remover Spray


Stream Clean the Stand-Up Way to Blast Stains & Odors Away! Buy 1 Can Get 1 Can Free, Plus Get a Bonus Mini BlackLight all for Only $10!

Stream Clean lets you stand up while you blast pet stains and odors away. Merely spray and stream, and your carpeting becomes quite clean. Stream Clean penetrates discolorations and smells to ensure that animals do not re-spray or re-mark, going deep with enzyme action to remove all traces of the mess.

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Neater Scooper Scoop to Bag Litter Box Scooper

Neater Litterbox Scooper

Order the Neater Scooper and Get 1 Free Plus a Convenient Storage Bag

The Neater Scooper is a litter box cleaning system that is actually a waste container with a trap door. The litter system combines scooping and bagging one handed. This makes cleaning the litter box quicker and also a lot more efficient. Neater Scooper does away with touching dirtied bags, makings it the much more sanitary means to clean the litter box.

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Cats Meow Toy Undercover Electronic Mouse Game

cats meow

Keep Your Cat Entertained and Order the Cats Meow!

The Cat’s Meow works with just a press of the button. Your cat is sure to go crazy for this toy and will be as playful as a kitten.

The Cat’s Meow is the cat toy your cat will not be able to resist. It will entertain your pet for hours and will help stop destructive behavior like clawing and scratching.

The peek-a-boo wand that goes round and round mimics a scurrying mouse. It randomly changes directions and speeds to keep cats attention and entertained. A never-quit motor just keeps on running even when your cat pounces on it. The Cats Meow is made of durable rip stop nylon, so it is sure to last.

Now you see it, now you don’t electronic game!

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Doggie Bright Dog Collar with Safety Light

doggie bright collar with light

Doggie Bright dog collar light helps to keep your dog safe at night. It is adjustable to fit most dogs. The as seen on tv collar that lights up making walking your dog at night can be much safer.

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Click N Stay – Seat Belts for Dogs

Click N Stay

Click N Stay is the fast and easy way to secure your dog in your vehicle. Now you can securley belt them in with the Click N Stay pet product.

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Pet Rider Car Seat Cover PetRider

pet rider seat cover

The As Seen On TV Pet Rider car seat is the revolutionary pet car seat cover made of a hair and stain resistant material that is very simple to clean. The petrider installs in seconds in any just about any automobile or truck and SUV.

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Comfy Control Harness New Mesh Dog Harness

comfy control harness

The comfy control harness combines comfort with control. The new harness for dog owners.

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