Pocket Hose Ultra Extra Strong Garden Hose

Pocket Hose Ultra is 3X Stronger

Pocket Hose Ultra

The Pocket Hose Ultra contracts for easy storage and has a solar stripe for longer life technology. The ingenious accordion designs expands to a full 25 feet. It won’t tangle or link like other ordinary hoses.

Pocket Hose has become the #1 selling expandable hose in the world and has changed garden hoses forever. Now this top selling hose has been made even better and it’s called the Pocket Hose Ultra.

This improved version has all of the same awesome and it is now 3 times stronger! Pocket Hose Ultra is equipped with tight seal technology, guaranteed to give you a water tight seal every time
The secret to the special design is the super strong material of the amber tip connectors that are 3 times more durable than the original hose! The hose expands with water pressure, while the new and improved outer lining also protects it, resulting in no more tears. The new solar stripe shield protects this ultra hose from the damaging UV sun’s rays which can extends the life of the hose!

The new and improved, super durable Pocket Hose Ultra is built to last for heavy-duty and daily use.

Yes, you can easily connect 2 Pocket Hoses. Attach one to the faucet, and then attach the second hose to the first. When you want to turn on the water, make sure both hoses¹ valves are switched on as well.

What are the Pocket Hose Ultra’s features?

– It is equipped with a tight seal technology, which can give you a water tight seal every time, so no more leaks

– The garden hose is made from super strong material on the tip connectors that are 3 times more durable

– It’s made with double layer construction just like a fire hose, with a scientifically developed elastomer hose on the inside

– The brand new Solar Stripe Shield protects Pocket Hose Ultra from damaging UV rays and extends the life of the hose

Buy The Pocket Hose Ultra

Buy Pocket Hose Ultra!


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