Ponilox Pivoting Hair Comb

Ponilox Hair Comb

Ponilox Hair Combs makes it so easy to do stylish updos. You will be ready in an instant for any event. I bet you have had it with bad hair days? Looking for an easy solution that will give you the perfect style for just about any occasion?  Try using the PoniLox, the unique pivoting hair comb that easily creates instant updos!

You can use Ponilox on thin or thick hair and twist your hair down low, up high, a side twist, a chignon or a full twist. This hair clip has incredible hold and and is super easy to use.

The PoniLox hair comb quickly inserts into your hair to lift and volumize. Create high poni’s, low poni’s, twists and turns. The PoniLox gives you flexibility to updo your hair for a special  dinner out,  going to the job gym, office, and so much more!

Ponilox Pivoting Hair Comb Features:

The Hair Comb is Made of Heavy Duty, Durable Plastic
Great for high or low ponytails
Creates a stylish unique hairdo look for any occasion!
Saves you money! Save trips to the beauty salon and stop paying for expensive updos.
Works on thick or thin hair
Makes a great gift for kids, teens, moms, grandmas and more!

It’s so easy to get a great hair style with a twist in just 5 easy steps.  The pivoting hair comb for instant updos.

Hold hair in a ponytail. Give it a tight twist and hold it up and away from the head.
Insert the comb against the crown of the head, behind the ponytail.
Hold the twisted hair in an upward position against the comb part.
Hold the twisted hair in an upward position against the comb part.
Pull hair as tight as possible and let it fall over the comb for your desired style.


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