Popemz Suction Cup Art for Endless Hours of Fun

Popemz As Seen On TV Suction Cup Art

Kids will have fun making colorful suction cup art with Pop’emz. They are sure to have endless hours of fun.

Pop’emz are colorful, soft suction cups that give kids young and old endless amount of creative possibilities. They can show their artistic expression to creating their own unique designs.

Pop emz!

Pop’emz cleanly sticks to most surfaces that are s mooth. This makes cleanup a breeze. Pop’emz are fun whether you are taking them on or pulling them off

Kids Suction Cup Art

Pop Emz are super colorful  and very soft suction cups. They give you endless amounts of possibilities and creativity expressions. The hexagon shape lets you create many seamless design. The hexagon suction cups come with a travel mesh bag. Take them with you. Let your child take Pop’emz with you when you go out to eat at a restaurant. They are sure to keep you child busy as they wait for their food.

With Popemz your youngster can use his/her imagination without having to deal with a mess that other art projects give you. Pop emz the small suction cups that are available in various colors. Using Popemz, your kid could develop vibrant and attractive creations on virtually any type of smooth area inside and outside your home like home. Exactly what’s wonderful about them is that they could easily be removed put in the mesh carrying bag and go to the next surface your child wants to create on.

Kids are sure to come up with many designs. They can express themselves with these fun suction cups. They may create a winter scene on your windows or create pictures of family stick figures. They can make numbes or letters in the alphabet.

Popemz are so much fun and you can reuse them over and over. It is so easy to create many bright ideas. They stick to just about anything that is smooth, especially windows, tables, tiles, refrigerators, mirrors and more!

The suction cups come in many colors including orange, green, purple, blue, pink, black and of course white.


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