Rainbow Peppers 5 Different Color Peppers Farm Fresh

Rainbow Peppers

5 Different Colored Peppers on Just 1 Plant!

Up to 30 peppers on each plant

Buy 3 Rainbow Pepper Plants and Get 3 Big Bertha Green Pepper Plants

The amazing bell peppers come in rainbow colors. As they grow, they change from violet to yellow to orange and finally bright red as they develop.

Amazing peppers go through 5 stages! With rainbow peppers you can grow your own peppers and save!

Black, violet, yellow , orange, red

Make colorful flavorful meals! They are great for rainbow stuffed peppers, awesome sauces, sandwiches, vegetable omelets, for stir frying, great looking salads and much more.

Rainbow Pepper Plant is the amazingly easy way to grow bell peppers in your very own garden. Imagine getting 5 different colors from one pepper.

With the amazing Rainbow Peppers you can grow 5 different colored bell peppers from just a single plant.

These plants go through 5 different stages where the bell peppers changes color. It starts from black to violet, yellow, orange, and finally red.

You can enjoy Rainbow Peppers at any stage and experience all the incredible sweet tastes of all the individual flavors. Each plant can grow up to 3o peppers each at only pennies a piece.

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