RoboStir Automatically Stirs Food No Hands


The robo stir automatically stirs your food as it cooks. This is great for sauces, soups, puddings and much more.

The RoboStir is the new clever way to make kitchen work quick and easy. RoboStir is the tool that let’s you stir your food without you actually having to stir.

(offer no longer available)

The Robo Stir is the new way to make kitchen work quick and easy. It’s the tool that lets you stir your food without actually having to stir. The water resistant Robo Stir, with its specially designed legs, allow it to cover every area of your pot or pan, so food is stirred thoroughly.

Pitchmen Anthony Sullivan demonstrates on a television commercial just how easy the automatic robostir is to use.

The robostir automatically stirs the ingredients of your soups, gravies, stews, beans, rice, eggs and many other food items. Works on most flat surface pots and pans that you use on your cooktop. Enjoy evenly stirred foods.

Check Out The Robo Stirs Great Features:

• Stirs Every Inch of the Bottom of the Pan
• Silicone Feet Stir Up Against the Edge
• 100% Waterproof–Can be Submerged
• Withstands Temperatures Up to 572° F

Let the robo stir do the work for you. Why stand over a hot stove stirring your sauce or soup. Be busy getting prepared for your next step of cooking. The orbital turning action ensures no spot is unstirred.


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