Rollie Eggmaster Make Pop Up Treats in Egg Cooker

Rollie Eggmaster Vertical Oven

It is so easy to use the Rollie Eggmaster. You just crack your egg, pour it in and watch it pop up in a few short minutes! Eggs are not the only thing you can cook in the Rollie. You can make pizza rollies, cinnamon bun rollies and even tasty rollie burritos for a delectable lunch.

rollie eggmaster egg cooker

The Rollie EggMaster makes delicious pop-up treats that everyone is sure to love and eat. It’s fun making these snacks in just minutes. Cook an egg on a stick. Yes an egg on a stick, perfect for on the go.

Rollie is a cool kitchen countertop gadget that makes eggs on a stick in just minutes. It is as easy as just cracking the shell open and pouring in. They are easy to eat and shape. You can even pour in egg whites. Clean up is a breeze and Rollie is so compact you can take it with you. Take to the office or when traveling.

We all know breakfast can be a hassle especially if you are in a rush and running late.  Who has the time those busy mornings and then the clean up. But now you can have a hot quick breakfast in no time with little clean up involved. Just crack your egg, pour it in and watch it pop up in minutes!

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