Roll N Grow Roll and Water Flowers

Roll N Grow

Just roll out and water! This was a great selling product last spring and summer. Order Roll N Grow today!

Roll N Grow Roll Out Flowers

Roll n grow A miracle garden in a box.
Just roll out our floral carpet, water and let nature do the rest. Thousands of flowers wherever you want them. Cut Roll N Grow like cloth to fit plant pots on the terrace or window boxes on the patio. Each Roll N Grow carpet has over 2000 seeds and all the nutrients needed to blossom into a rainbow of fantastic flowers. Cut and place or just roll and grow.

Beautiful blooms within a few weeks!
You can spend hours and hours of digging, hoeing, and planting tiny seeds one by one. Or spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a nursery and you still have to waste time of getting them into the ground. Not with Roll N Grow. It’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly, retains water and suppresses weeds. Now that means a lot less work for you. Beautiful flowers like these can be yours quickly and easily. Just roll, water, and grow to enjoy a fabulous flower garden. Watch it grow into beautiful flowers. The flower seeds are in the mat. You will have a beautiful garden in no time. It’s a miracle garden that you will enjoy.

Roll N Grow is the new and easy way to have a beautiful garden without all the shoveling, raking and digging.Just roll out and water the seeded mat.

The one 10 foot roll contains over 2,000 seeds including:

Baby’s Breath
Scarlet Flax
Crimson Clover


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  1. sharon whiteside says:

    I have never used anything like this and was wondering if it really worked.

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