Rox Ice Ball Maker Ice Melts Slower

ROX Ice Ball Maker –  Long Lasting Ice

Rox Ice Ball Maker lets you taste your drink longer and not water it down as fast. Make round ice balls with the spherical design that melts slower than normal cubes.

Each mold makes 4 large round ice balls, juice balls, meatballs or what ever you can think of.  The unique exclusive design features a fill line for easier filling and smooth top domes for more consistent results. Helps so you don’t over fill.

Rox ice ball mold makes perfectly round size balls. They are much larger than your  traditional ice cube. They freeze in a fraction of the time and will fit nearly any glass or cup you may choose.

Rox Ice Balls

The Long-Lasting Ice that won’t water down your drinks like other traditional ice cubes.  The larger size allows you to freeze a tasty garnish inside the ball for a little extra flavor if you would like. Even make your tasty ice pops just by inserting a stick. Because of it’s unique material you can even put in the oven so you can make cake pops! Make tasty meatballs.

Special spherical design melts the ice slower than regular ice cubes
Easy to use just fill and freeze like a regular ice tray
Each mold tray makes 4 ice balls
Because of it’s large size it lets you freeze garnishes right into the ball
Oven safe so you can make meatballs, cake balls & more
BPA-free food grade silicone

Make tasty cold treats or hot out of the oven treats. Freeze juice or insert a tasty garishness to a cocktail drink.

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Rox Ice Maker 


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